Wine School

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At the end of February Perelman People’s I Like Wine School is back on! At this school you definitely do not want to skip classes.

Over a time of three month Perelman People wine pros - sommeliers Yelena Lebedeva and Andrey Abramov present 11 lessons and make sure their students really enjoy that game. After graduation you are set to impress colleagues, friends or even serious wine geeks.

11 topics:

  1. White wine. Old world classics.
  2. Red wine. Old world classics.
  3. Champagne and sparkling wines.
  4. Modern wine trends.
  5. Red wine. New world.
  6. White wine. New world.
  7. Dessert wine: ice wine, sauterne, Barolo Chinato and others.
  8. Main principles of food and wine pairing.
  9. Austrian wines: red and white.
  10. German wines: red and white.
  11. Russian wines: red and white.
To enroll for free join #ilikewineschool competition. We will pick 10 students who will enjoy the course free of charge, another 10 spots are available for 29000 rubles per person per course. For more information please call:
+7 (495) 928 88 59