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The new version of the old favorite! Enhanced with haute cuisine. There is nothing new to a culinary mission of I Like Wine 2.0: to provide a proper background for wine. Brand Chef Dmitry Parikov is in charge of the task. He blends together best sellers from I Like Wine Pokrovka and novelties created for the occasion.

Culinary poetry of I Like Wine 2.0 has the same mission – to rhyme with wine Vladimir Perelman
Устрица «Новая Зеландия»

New Zealand Oysters

Винное плато

Wine plateau

Севиче из гребешка с<br>маринованными томатами

Scallop seviche with marinated
tomatoes and cashew
sour cream

«Стейк мясника» с печёным<br>луком и трюфелем

Butcher steak with baked
onions and truffle

Салат с креветками и<br>цитрусовым соусом шисо

Shrimp salad with citrus shiso sauce

Морской ёж с перепелиным желтком, огурцом<br>и соусом понзу

Sea urchin with quail yolk, cucumber and ponzu sauce