Girolles season at Perelman People

Why put off for dinner what you can eat in the meantime over a glass of wine? Perelman People offer shameless red mushrooms as an appetiser - with girolles bruschetta with baked eggplants and peanut sauce (480 rub) as an antipasto. 
Onwards and upwards, girolles are marinated and sent as a decisive argument to a seasonal vegetables salad with parsley pesto (560 rub). In I Like Wine, I Like Wine 2.0 and TINTO fragrant and elastic girolles crown a cream soup made of young zucchini, performing in conjunction with other seasonal trophies - radish, cauliflower, spinach and summer squash (420 p.). In risotto together with girolles Perelman People are commanding slices of young zucchini and vegetable marrow (640 rub) in all restaurants, and instead of a routine pasta they make Italian potato dumplings - gnocchi - with girolles (650 rub), which in TINTO will overgrow with additional details in the form of black truffle (740 rub). Pike-perch fillet with girolles, cauliflower mix, pike caviar and Beurre Blanc sauce (710 rub) is devoted to fish lovers, and “Hanger steak” with girolles, baked eggplants and Taleggio cheese sauce to meat lovers. The latter, however, is a real catch for hunters: it is served only in I Like Wine and I Like Wine 2.0 (890 rub). Perelman People also took care of vegetarians: in all the restaurants of the holding, with the exception of I Like Bar and I Like Bar 2.0 only, fried cauliflower with girolles and white leek sauce (590 rub) is cooked. But even without the time-tested classics, it wasn’t enough: for the sake of the conservatives, girolles in I Like Bar and I Like Bar 2.0 are willingly fried with potatoes and onions confit, not forgetting to add fresh dill to the dish (490 rub).

Kind oysters

Perelman People restaurant holding is in for Moscow’s top oyster seller title. From now on we serve Japanese oysters for as little as 210 rubles a piece.