“Pearls” by Vladimir Perelman

“Pearls” by Vladimir Perelman are officially doubled: the second café-confectionary under the pearl sign appeared as a corner near I Like Wine on Pokrovka.
As well as in the first project, which has instantly become the main place of attraction in the gastrocluster Depot and managed to reconcile the sweet teeth and healthy lifestyle advocates, the bet was made, firstly, on the own roasted coffee: only 100% organic Arabica classified by the world organization SCA as “specialty coffee is recognized in Pearls. It is brewed by award-winning barista on the very best Italian coffee machines La Marzocco with the integration of the latest trends in the coffee industry and innovative technologies. A latte, cappuccino and raf will be prepared on almond or coconut milk on demand and without any additional payments for all opponents of cow's milk .
The supercakes by “Pearls” Pastry Chef Ilya Apet, who have already had time to stir up the minds of those who want to eat the desserts in Depot, are aimed to make life sweeter. The prefix “super” is justified not only by the gastronomic merits, but also by the mark on the scales: “Medovik” (180 rub), “Carrot” (240 rub) And “Prague” (240 rub) 18 cm high can be easily shared with a friend - for two, more than enough. The choice is also to be made to those who prefer good-quality eclairs tailored to French patterns: vanilla (250 rub) or yuzu cream (250 rubles)? To Go desserts - Tiramisu (360 rub) and Panna Cotta (390 rub) - are created specifically for those who can not sit still. And if you need to eat something more substantial on the go, take panini on crispy ciabatta: with artichokes and cream cheese (420 rub), with parma and stracciatella (460 rub) or with pumpkin hummus and mortadella (390 rub).